eSports Terminology

This is an ongoing list of some of the terminology I use on this site that is eSports specific. This definitely is not everything, but like I said, this is ongoing.

Ace: To kill every member of the opposing team. This is a universal term in eSports that applies to Overwatch, CSGO, League of Legends, etc.\

Aggro: AI or player targeting priority. Minion aggro is the targeting priority of minions in lane.

Bait: To draw enemies into a trap by pretending to be at a disadvantage. This can be acting like you lack information you have, pretending to play unintelligently, etc.

Burst: A large amount of damage dealt in a short period of time.

Crowd Control (CC): Status effects that limit champion mobility such as snares, stuns, slows and pulls.

Farm: To kill minions in order to gain experience and gold.

Gank: To flank and attack unsuspecting enemies. Jungler’s gank lanes periodically to assist their laners.

Jungler: The champion whose farms the jungle and ganks lanes.

Scaling:  Getting stronger as the game goes on as you increase in experience and gold.

Snowball: To gain an advantage that grows upon itself.

Squishy: Defensively weak due to low health and defenses.

Zoning: A tactic to prevent enemies from gaining experience or gold.