I am Jonas “TheElamite” Elam. I am a student at San Jose State University with a major in Journalism and a minor in Humanities, and I love video games. I began publishing content for Team Dignitas in May 2016 and began writing and editing for Breakthegame.net in July of that year. In August, I was promoted to content coordinator for the League of Legends section of Break the Game which I hold to this day. November marked the beginning of my  role as the content manager where I manage all  content for the entire website. I love my job, and that is why I am dedicating a website to it!

Outside of my career in eSports, my life revolves around playing video games, watching anime, and my home away from home, Camp Royaneh.

In the realm of video games, I am a PC gamer that primarily plays League of Legends and Hearthstone. I also play Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Guild Wars 2, Titanfall 2, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros. Melee and the hundreds of games on my Steam, Origin and other such accounts accounts. Growing up as a console kid, I had everything from a Nintendo64 to an XBOX 360. Needless to say, I play a lot of video games.

Anime is actually something relatively new to me, but has quickly become a huge part of my life. Going from thinking anime was childish and making fun of kids who watched it to becoming one of the biggest weeaboos I know was really surprising to me. If you have any interest in seeing what terrible taste I have or what shows I would recommend, check out my “My Anime List” account.

I first attended Camp Royaneh in the summer of 2006 and have attended every year since. I started working on Camp Staff in 2013. At camp, I run the Trading Post, which is the camp store. This is a Boy Scout camp that has run every summer since 1925, and through it I have made a new family among the staff and a new home at the camp.

That is a bit about me, and I hope you enjoy my content.