Roles in League of Legends: Tanks

When you think of tanks, you think of massive pieces of machinery that are difficult to destroy on the battlefield. In League of Legends, tanks are exactly that. A tank is a champion that has high health, armor, magic resistance and crowd control. A tank’s goal is to absorb enemy damage  and to protect his carries. Tanks are great at surviving for a long time in a fight and holding down multiple enemies. The downfall of most tanks is that they do not deal a lot of damage and are typically fairly immobile.

An example of a strong tank in the current meta is Galio, the Colossus. Galio has incredibly tanky and has crowd control in every skill in his kit. He excels at leaping to nearby allies and locking several enemies in place for long periods of time while his team kills them. Galio also has a good amount of wave-clear, which is the ability to kill a lot of minions quickly. This, combined with his ability to leap to allies, make’s him great at split-pushing threat and tank.


Another strong tank is Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths. Nautilus is also a very tanky champion with crowd control throughout his kit, but he has much stronger single-target crowd control. With a pull, knock up and snare, he can lock down an enemy for several seconds. Nautilus’ anchor toss makes him somewhat mobile, but still immobile compared to many other champions.


If surviving for long periods of time and holding enemies down for your team to kill them sounds fun to you, try playing a tank in your next match!

To learn more about another role, check out this guide on assassins!


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