Hearthstone Deck Archetypes: Midrange

The Hearthstone meta consists of various types of decks keeping each other in check. Similar to the checks and balances of politics or the game rock-paper-scissors, Hearthstone decks have good and bad match-ups.

Of the three major archetypes, midrange decks seem to get the least attention and criticism. From the classic control warrior being unkillable to the OG face hunter and modern pirate warrior being seemingly unbeatable, aggro and control decks have received their fair share of flack. Midrange decks however have seldom been the center of complaints by Hearthstone players, with the exception of midrange Shaman which reigned supreme for an entire expansion.

Midrange decks strive to control the board early game and push to win in the mid game with medium-sized minions. With the goal to win before the late game takes place, midrange decks are great against control decks. The reason midrange decks are successful against control unlike most aggro decks is that the control deck will run out of answers by the time you play mid-sized minions in a midrange deck, but not an aggro deck.

Midrange decks are a little more difficult than aggro decks because you have to know when to go face to set up an earlier kill and when to control the board. Their inability to win extremely quickly is often what makes aggro decks able to beat them. They cannot constantly prolong the game like a control deck, so the issue of aggro running out of steam is irrelevant in this match-up.

Midrange decks have the advantage against control decks due to the fact that midrange is constantly developing threats and clearing their opponent’s whereas control wants to clear their opponent’s and play all of their threats in the late game to close it out. Most control decks run few minions of the 4-6 cost variety, and that is the golden area for midrange decks.

Midrange decks are a lot of fun because even if you generally lose to aggro and beat control, midrange decks can be early or late-game heavy to adjust their peaks without sacrificing the integrity of the deck. Alternately, if you notice you are running into a lot of aggressive decks, a few small techs and you can make it a control deck.

Some of the most powerful historic decks were midrange. Secret Paladin, Dragon Priest, Midrange Jade Shaman and of course ZooLock are all examples of midrange decks. They all shared the theme of contest the board early and out-value your opponent in the mid-game before they can play bigger things than you. The best midrange decks in the current meta seem to be midrange Paladin and Dragon Priest.

To learn more about deck archetypes, check out my articles on Aggro and Control decks!


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