NA LCS Playoffs Quarterfinals Preview

With the NA LCS Spring Split regular season coming to a close, it is time to look towards the likely outcomes of the quarterfinals for playoffs.

First Match: Phoenix1 v Dignitas

The first match of our quarterfinals is pretty simple to predict. Pheonix1 are coming out of a really strong split with a record of 11-7 in third place. Dignitas, on the other hand, have looked shaky and inconsistent, finishing 9-9 in a tie for fifth place. P1 have strong laners across the board, particularly in their AD Carry, Arrow, formerly of KT Rolster, and their mid-laner Ryu, formerly of H2K. These two roles alone are enough to smash and take over this game, completely overpowering LOD and Keane respectively. That being said, those Dig players have done fairly well recently, and Keane and Ryu are very close in terms of in-game statistics.. Dignitas does have the advantage in the top-lane, with Ssumday, formerly of KT Rolster, who should be able to outperform Zig. Overall, Pheonix1 simply has a strong roster and has looked better all split, so I expect a clean 3-1 victory, giving Dignitas the benefit-of-the-doubt that they have the potential to take a game off of P1.

Second Match: CounterLogic Gaming v FlyQuest

A fourth place CLG at 10-8 taking on a fifth place FlyQuest at 9-9 is about as close of a match-up as you could ask for. FlyQuest started strong and have been slowly declining, and CLG have looked very average to slightly above average all split. The mid-lane matchup is very close statistically and in terms of skill. The top-lane matchup favors the more aggressive CLG Darshan, who is just a stronger overall player. In the jungle the edge has to go to FLY Moon who has played out of his mind all split, looking nothing like he did during his time on NRG, which is a very nice surprise. Lastly, Stixxay/Aphromoo is just a much stronger lane than Altec/Lemonnation. However, coming out of the hospital, Stixxay played quite poorly against Team Envy this week, and if he plays like that in playoffs, FlyQuest will have an easy time taking advantage of it.

It should be a great quarterfinals, so make sure to tune into Riot’s Twitch Broadcast on game day!


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