2017 Spring Split Fantasy MVPs

This has been a great, entertaining split, and for those who participate in Fantasy League of Legends, if you got these players, you probably did really well compared to your friends!

C9 Jensen

Jensen finished the split with a massive 802.2 points, averaging 22.28 points per game
. This was thanks to him being the LCS kill leader this split at 215 kills. He was also the CS record-holder at 16,331. These factors combined with his low death total lead to a force to be reckoned with on the fantasy scoreboard and make him our #1 MVP.

P1 Arrow

Next on the list is former KT Rolster AD Carry and international all-star, Arrow. Arrow was a huge roster change for P1, bringing them from one of the bottom teams in NA to the third best. Arrow had 716.81 fantasy points this split, with 161 kills and 12,707 CS. While these are much lower numbers than Jensen, he had ten less deaths and three fewer games played, and was still a phenomenal performer, easily in contention for best ADC in North America.

TSM Bjergsen

Bjergsen has always been towards the top of the fantasy point ladder and is always a first-round pick, and for good reason.  He had 689.13 total points with 197 kills and 15,116 CS. While he is the third highest point-earner, he also has the most games played of all players, tied of course with his teammates, which means if TSM won matches in fewer games more consistently, he would have been much lower on the list and would not have made our Top 3 by a long shot. While he is still an amazing player and arguable still the best mid-laner in North America, it was definitely not his best split, but then again, TSM seldom performs well in the spring, surging in the summer.

Check out all the fantasy stats at fantasy.lolesports.com


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