Player Profile: TSM Biofrost

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang is the current support player for Team Solomid. He has been a high ranking League of Legends player for years, reaching the rank of Challenger every season. In 2015, Biofrost was picked up by North American Challenger Series squad Team Vortex. Over the next year, he played support for Dreamteam, Vortex, Elomingle, and Final five. He was always a talented player, but was never on a successful team, making him not very well known. 

His call to action was a tryout for Team Solomid. The team heard about Biofrost from Peng “Doublelift” Yilang, the team’s AD Carry, who praised his performance in soloqueue. TSM hosted a tryout during their Korean bootcamp after Bora “Yellowstar” Kim decided to move back to Europe. The team went with Biofrost as their support and he joined the starting roster for Summer Split 2016. He had an an amazing split, as did the team. They set the NA LCS record for most dominant season, going 17-1 in the regular season, dropping only a single series.

Biofrost had big shoes to fill. The TSM support role has seen many faces, but rarely a rookie. A large gamble was taken on him, and he performed far above expectations especially on champions like Bard, Karma, Thresh and Braum. His synergy with Doublelift was immaculate, and his gameplay seldom wavered. This impressive play continued through the playoffs of that split, in which TSM placed first. Unsurprisingly to anyone, Biofrost won Riot’s NA LCS Rookie of the Split award.

This split, Biofrost has the second highest KDA of supports at 4.8, second highest kill participation of supports at 71.1%. He has continued to perform extraordinarily well. While he started the split with a bit of struggling in regards to his synergy with WildTurtle, he and the team are back on track tied for first place.

Vincent is young and has plenty of time left in his professional career. He has plenty of time to improve his play, and he is already spectacular. He will achieve great things throughout his time as a pro, and I am looking forward to see what he can accomplish.

Make sure to follow Biofrost on twitter to keep up with his life.




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